Posts from August 2014

Meet Kyle

 1. Kyle – tell us what the average day in the life of a seminarian is like. Well, the average day begins much like anybody else’s: getting up, eating breakfast and putting on my pants one leg at a time. Living in the Woods, the name for the On Campus Married Housing, makes the commute much […]

What do we do about suicide?

From Pastor Jay, Robin Williams is gone. That isn’t news. If you’ve flipped on a radio, television, or internet browser within the past 48 hours, you already know that. You’ve seen the grief and the outpouring of condolences at the gate to Robin’s home.I’ve seen discussions about how we should treat Robin’s death. Should we […]

Devotional for Psalm 18

Written by Campus Missionary Katie Boltwood This SONG is all about how great our God is (Choirmaster). His abilities to protects us and keep us safe as Mary had told us yesterday. Verses 1-3 explains the praising that David does. He uses adjectives like “rock and fortress” Verses 4-6 explains the assault that David (and […]

Devotional for Job 38

Written by Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, Job 38:4-18 I really appreciate this passage from Job because it’s a conversation we’d all like to have with God – at least, we think we would. We’d all like to have God tell us the reasons behind the bad things that happen in our lives. We want to […]

Relief Buckets Update!

The Florida-Georgia district has challenged each of its congregations to fill 10 Flood Relief buckets full of cleaning supplies, and University Lutheran has taken up the challenge! Already, we have enough papertowels and sponges for all 10 buckets, and other people have signed up to bring bleach, rubber gloves, and some liquid and glass cleaner. […]

Party School

The Princeton Review has once again put out its list of the top party schools in the United States, and once again, Florida State (#12) has made it on the list along with a few other old regulars like Penn State (#7), and yes, those Florida Gators (#10). The list is made by a combination […]

Flood Relief Buckets

The Florida-Georgia District has sent out a challenge for each congregation to fill at least 10 Flood Relief buckets, and University Lutheran has taken up the challenge! These buckets will be sent out to assist the LCMS Disaster Response mercy efforts to those affected by flooding. Each bucket costs about 25-30 dollars; they include devotionals […]

Matthew 13

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley – During college I was very involved in Drama Ministry. We had a skit based on the Parable of the Hidden Treasure. In it, the man who found the treasure was a pirate. After he found it, he traded all of his possessions to gain the field – his possessions […]