Devotional for Psalm 18

Written by Campus Missionary Katie Boltwood

This SONG is all about how great our God is (Choirmaster). His
abilities to protects us and keep us safe as Mary had told us yesterday.

Verses 1-3 explains the praising that David does. He uses adjectives
like "rock and fortress" Verses 4-6 explains the assault that David
(and we) experience whenever the devil takes grip of us. Yet David
calls upon the Lord to rescue him; he shows confidence in the Lord's
capabilities. Verses 7-12 explain the wrath that the angry Lord sent
upon the Earth; what His entrance from the heavens looked like ,
"smoke went from his nostrils," "glowing coals," "thick darkness under
his feet," "made darkness his covering." Verses 13-16 explains the
demands the Lord made towards David's enemies; "sent out his arrows,"
"flashed lightning."

The overall message message of this scripture is another way we can
look at the Lord upholding His promise to protect us. He is very
protective of His children and will not let evil encompass them as
long as they keep their confidence in Him. We are saved eternally by
the grace of God via Jesus.