Posts from October 2014

What does your Messiah look like?

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley based on Matthew 11:16-19 Strong. Powerful. Warrior. Conqueror. Dashing. Aloof. Awe-inspiring. Frightening. I imagine the Pharisees would have described their future Messiah in these words. They wanted a military hero, someone who would march at the head of a mighty army and take back Jerusalem by force. He would be respected […]

Giving the Gift

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley Something fantastic happened the other day. I was in a meeting with Pastor Jay and Matt, and Matt said the word “cookies.” I said, “Man, now I really want cookies.” After the meeting broke up, PJ went to check the mail, and lo and behold, I had a package containing […]

We Will Not Fear

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, based on Psalm 46 Imagine that you’re walking up to your office or classroom building when suddenly the street collapses into a giant sinkhole. Or you’re hiking in the mountains when suddenly the mountains get up and walk into the middle of the ocean, where the waves are as high as […]

We Are Angels

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, based on Revelation 14:6-7 When I was about to graduate from Concordia Wisconsin, I was beyond stressed about my job prospects. Church work careers are never easy to get into, and especially as churches are still in recovery from the recession, not as many churches are hiring youth workers. One day […]

Our Gospel

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley – based on 1st Thessalonians 1:1-10 Picture these three people: a Christian homeless man in the slums, a pastor of a wealthy congregation, and a missionary in the African desert. What do these three people have in common? They are all Christians. They all believe in the same God. They all […]

Three Points

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, based on Psalm 96 Recently at Vespers, we’ve been discussing our relationships using the image of a triangle. The top point of a triangle represents our relationship with God; we call that “Up.” The left point represents our relationships with fellow believers; we call that “In.” The right point represents our […]

Mysterious Ways

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, based on Isaiah 45:1-7 “God works in mysterious ways.” That’s a phrase tossed out there by Christians all the time. He works in mysterious ways. Sometimes he works through happiness and sometimes he works through pain, but usually, we imagine that he at least works through believers, right? He uses his […]

Kill the Messenger

by Campus Missionary Mary Rowley based on Matthew 22:1-14 Picture this. You’re sitting at home, bored out of your mind, probably watching reruns of Friends, and your doorbell rings. It’s a messenger sent from the President of the United States. You’re personally invited to an incredible feast and celebration at the White House. This is […]

Running Your Mouth

I’m a pastor, so I have a vocational tendency to do what we describe as “running my mouth”. When I get excited or interested, I like to speak those things out loud. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that I run my mouth over the ability of others to run their mouths, or even open them (Hi […]

God’s Peace

by Campus Missionary Mary Rowley based on Philippians 4:4-13 There are a few familiar verses in this passage, one of them being verse 7: “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” When I glanced at my footnote for verse 7, it made me […]