“Jesus Over All”

Ezekiel 18:1-4

Ezekiel explains of a time when God came to him with a concerned question regarding the power of the fathers who came before. God blatantly tells Ezekiel that the Law, and those who are in charge of it (Rabbis),are not going to serve as power over His people once the Messiah comes. Those who follow in the Lord belong to Him and those who follow in sin will die. This is a prophecy being told about Jesus’ coming. As we know, Jesus did not come to discard the Law but to fulfill it. The power of His saving grace will replace what the Jewish people thought His commandments were fulfilling. His saving grace will not only give us eternal life but will allow us to have a reconciled relationship with the Heavenly Father.

As present day Christians we have to remember that regardless of the Christian like act we still possess a sinful selfish pride. However, our sinful good work is transformed into a righteous act only because of Jesus’ sacrificial death. He is the one that transforms the subconscious egotistical act of good faith into a righteous and precious act of selfless love in God’s eyes. Because of our faith in Christ our good works are Holy Spirit inspired. Thus, we are continuously working for the Father when we perform such acts of kindness.

Being humble and giving God the glory in everything we think, say, and do can be a cracked door serving as an opportunity to share our faith and be witnesses.


Ezekiel 18:25-32

God is questioning as to why His people think that they are more just than He is. Their lives are set on making sure they live out His commandments perfectly. Yet, they call the way of the Lord unjust, why? Because they cannot fulfill THEIR selfish needs when following His laws.These people (us included) feel like they are holier than thou because they follow the commandments when in fact they are all full of sin. No way except God’s way can be greater. It does not matter if you follow all 613 commandments perfectly; you are doing it selfishly, to put yourself higher than others, even God.Therefore, God is calling for us to repent of those ways in order for us to see the light; to understand that His way is THE way to go.

We hope that the plan we lay out for our life matches the one that the Lord has for us. However, we can have that answered if we continually pray for guidance and perseverance in following that said path. But sometimes our sinful ways get in THE way and we try to steer off course and follow what our selfish heart wants instead of what the Lord is calling us to do. This is when the Lord calls us to repent of our “transgressions” and to “make yourselves a new heart and a new spirit.” This can only be done with our hearts focused on Jesus.