Our Mirrored Character

Philippians 2:1-18

The first half of this passage (1-11) is a snippet of Jesus’ reasoning of being put on this Earth. It is not about the historical context of works He has done, but it is about the Holy Spirit inspired ultimate WORK in which He performed. Christ’s humility is what is being described. It is His heart that is being spoken about by Paul to the Philippians. Christ did not come on this Earth with a head held high, knowing He is the Son of the Creator of the Universe. Instead He walked among our previous generations of Christians in order to set the example of what our Father wants for us to find: Him. Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice. He humbled himself to the point of death all in the name of the Father in order for us to have the opportunity to have a relationship with Him; one that is full of love, faith, and faith. Paul recites on how our character needs to mirror the One. The Father understands that we are broken and that we are in need of Jesus. However, with every step we talk in our journey of faith we can become stronger in mind, body, and soul. We can come to understand what the power of the Cross can do for our character. Verses 12-18 relay on what our mirrored characters should look like in our actions. Paul, right off the bat, discloses that whatever will or work that we perform it is not our doing but it is God’s. It is the Holy Spirit inspiring out hearts to implement what a Jesus centered character looks like. And so, with that said, Paul lays out some “rules” and on how our actions should exemplify our character. Because in the end when the day is done and a new one will start we should always rejoice in the heart filled love that is Jesus and for what He continually does for us within ourselves day in and day out.