Running Your Mouth

I’m a pastor, so I have a vocational tendency to do what we describe as “running my mouth”. When I get excited or interested, I like to speak those things out loud. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that I run my mouth over the ability of others to run their mouths, or even open them (Hi Bible Study people, I apologize.) 

But I have also learned to pay attention to what I run my mouth about in a good way. My normal state of being is not very “talky,” believe it or not. I’m kinda quiet a lot of the time and I’m perfectly happy that way. When I get excited though, I talk. When I get passionate, I talk. And so, when I feel like I want to talk, I know that there is something I value there. 

Yesterday, Liz and I were talking about what it meant for us to be parents. We all have different things that excite us about those roles I think, but I found myself talking about what it was for me. When I ran my mouth, it was about the excitement and the value that I held in trying to teach our child (and someday perhaps children) about wisdom – and how God wants us to engage with His wisdom in this world. So after Liz got a ten minute blast of me talking, I sat back and said, “wow, I am really excited about that.” 

What about you? What do you “run your mouth” about? What can’t you help but talk about when the topic comes up? If you pay attention to those things, maybe you’ll find something about God’s unique creation of your Baptized being. He has given you those excitements. And while excitements don’t keep you from sins, they do help you to imagine what a world might look like without sin – a world that we are invited into because of the powerful work of Jesus Christ whose passion and excitement were for us. 

in Christ,