Posts from December 2014

Celebrating Gifts Given: Rest in the Covenant

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, Let me tell you, college students know how to rest. They get a break, and they relax – sleeping in until noon, eating ice cream for breakfast, pointedly ignoring everything related to classes. Unfortunately, once college is over, rest becomes hard to come by. Even on weekends or days off, […]

The Gift of God: The Covenant Fulfilled

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, There are many Psalms that start out with the words “I will sing.” Singing is an interesting thing nowadays. You can sing about anything! There are songs about love, hate, romance, fighting, drinking, dancing, excitement, tragedy, and much more. There are even songs about nothing in particular. As Christians, what […]

GIFTED: Our Light and Joy

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley, Very few people like the dark. Sure, some people like to leave the city and find somewhere to stargaze at night, but that’s not about the dark. That’s about the stars – the lights. Who likes to stare at a dark television screen? It’s only when you turn it on […]

Find Your Joy

At the end of the sermon last Sunday, I encouraged you to “find your joy”. What it is about your experience of Christianity and your relationship with Jesus that actually really brings you joy. I would love to hear about what your joys are – please use this link to let me know – […]

The Gift of God: Joy!

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowler, Christmas is coming! Haven’t you heard? It comes around this time every year, and it brings with it the three brothers: stress, worry, and panic. They invade every household and bring their negativity along with them. Instead of focusing on the true reason for Christmas, we let finding the perfect […]

GIFTED – We Are Prepared to Prepare

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley When I was a freshman in high school, I joined the cross country team. I knew nothing about running, weightlifting, or staying healthy. Luckily, I met some wonderful upperclassmen who took me under their wing. They called me their “pet freshman” and taught me good form, how to judge when […]