Posts from January 2015

The Third Frog

Three frogs sat on a log. One frog decided to jump off. How many frogs were left? I heard this story problem at the Emergent Leadership training that I went to last week. The answer, counterintuitively, is “3”. Three frogs were left on the log because “deciding to” do something and doing something are different. […]

The Gift of God: Constancy Among Change

There are some things we want God to forget. For example, perhaps he’s called you to minister to the homeless, but that makes you very uncomfortable. Or maybe he’s called you to minister to your brother who has fallen away from the church, but broaching the topic is always awkward. You wouldn’t mind if God […]

GIFTED: Follow the Leader

When you play “Follow the Leader” as a kid, it always starts out nice and simple. You’re just walking in a line. Then your leader starts to hop on one foot, and then another, and then he’s flapping his arms, and then he’s skipping, and all of a sudden, you’ve lost the pattern. It’s not […]

The Gift of God: The Voice of the Lord

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley I’ve finally found a Bible passage that is all about me. Listen: “The voice of Mary flashes forth flames of fire. The voice of Mary shakes the wilderness. … The voice of Mary makes the deer give birth and strips the forest bare.” That’s totally legitimate, right? When I speak, […]

GIFTED: Wisdom is Everything

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley At first glance, this Psalm makes the Psalmist sound like a conceited jerk. I am “wiser than my enemies,” he says (verse 98). “I have more understanding than all my teachers” (verse 99). “I understand more than the aged” (verse 100). I hold back my feet from every evil way. […]