Posts from January 2015

The Third Frog

Three frogs sat on a log. One frog decided to jump off. How many frogs were left? I heard this story problem at the Emergent Leadership training that I went to last week. The answer, counterintuitively, is “3”. Three frogs were left on the log because “deciding to” do something and doing something are different. […]

GIFTED: Follow the Leader

When you play “Follow the Leader” as a kid, it always starts out nice and simple. You’re just walking in a line. Then your leader starts to hop on one foot, and then another, and then he’s flapping his arms, and then he’s skipping, and all of a sudden, you’ve lost the pattern. It’s not […]

GIFTED: Wisdom is Everything

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley At first glance, this Psalm makes the Psalmist sound like a conceited jerk. I am “wiser than my enemies,” he says (verse 98). “I have more understanding than all my teachers” (verse 99). “I understand more than the aged” (verse 100). I hold back my feet from every evil way. […]