Celebrating Gifts Given: The Wise in Our Lives

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley
Who comes to mind when I say the word “wise”? Maybe a celebrity, politician, or talk show host – someone who seems to know all the answers. I’m here to tell you that anyone who considers themselves all-knowing is wrong – and definitely not wise, at least in the biblical sense. Think of the wisest man in the Bible, Solomon. God came to him and said, “Ask what I shall give you” (verse 5). By his answer, it’s clear that Solomon was already a wise man. He declined to ask for long life, riches, or the life of his enemies; instead, he asked for wisdom.

That is the first mark of true wisdom: understanding that you are far from understanding and acknowledging that fact openly. Solomon was humble before God and asked for wisdom, knowing that what wisdom he already had was nothing compared to the wisdom of God. And God graciously granted him the Spirit of Wisdom. Solomon was too wise to keep this gift to himself. He used it to rule his kingdom, therefore sharing his gift with everyone in Israel.

That is the second mark of true wisdom – sharing this amazing gift with other people. I’ll ask you again: who comes to mind when I say the word “wise”? I bet it’s a teacher, a parent, a sibling, a friend. We all have wise people in our lives, those who acknowledge that they don’t understand, but possess the Spirit of Wisdom and willingly share it with you. Thank a wise person today and celebrate with them the gift of the Spirit of Wisdom!