GIFTED: Wisdom is Everything

By Campus Missionary Mary Rowley

At first glance, this Psalm makes the Psalmist sound like a conceited jerk. I am “wiser than my enemies,” he says (verse 98). “I have more understanding than all my teachers” (verse 99). “I understand more than the aged” (verse 100). I hold back my feet from every evil way. … I do not turn aside from your rules” (verses 101-102). “Uh-huh,” we’re thinking. “Tell us another story.”

It’s a ridiculous boast, right? Not so fast. It may seem that way, but look again. To whom does the Psalmist credit all of these accomplishments? “Your commandment… your testimony… your precepts… your word… for you have taught me” (verses 98-102). The Psalmist claims none of the glory when you look closely. He attributes all of his accomplishments to God – in fact, to a particular aspect of God: his wisdom. After all, that’s where commandments, testimonies, precepts, words, and teachings come from.

We too have the Spirit of Wisdom. We too can boast in this – not that we are anything special, but that we have been given an amazing gift that changed our lives completely and forever. We can boast that our God has promised the Spirit of Wisdom to all who believe. What amazing news we have to share! “We are wise, and you can be too. This gift is for you and you and you.” Don’t keep this to yourselves, friends. Pass the gift on! It’s worth it.