Celebrating Gifts Given: leaders We’ve Followed

When I was in seventh grade, I decided I no longer wanted to go to Sunday school. I explained this to my parents in no uncertain terms. I had confirmation class at school AND at church. I was getting quite enough religious education, thank you very much. I didn’t need any more. My parents listened to me politely, and when I finished my rant, they said, “That’s nice, Mary. Now get ready for Sunday school.”

At that point in my life (and up to this day) I was my parents’ disciple, and they were leading me in the way that I should go. Their insistence that I attend Sunday school was a demonstration of the fact that they considered church important. This helped me realize in the long run that yes, church was important, because I could never learn too much about my Savior.

Just like my parents pointed me towards God, Eli pointed Samuel towards God. In 1st Samuel chapter 3, Samuel was confused. He kept hearing someone call his name, but the only person around was Eli, and Eli insisted that it wasn’t him. After three times, Eli figured it out. “Eli perceived that the Lord was calling the young man. Therefore Eli said to Samuel, ‘Go, lie down, and if he calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears’” (verses 8-9). Eli directed Samuel so that he would hear the Lord’s voice and respond to it well.

Who has been your leader? Who have you followed? Perhaps it was a parent, a teacher, a coach, or a friend. Whoever it was, they helped you follow Jesus, and now it’s your turn. Utilize what they taught and showed you about following Jesus, and teach and show others the same.