Posts from February 2015

How small would you have to be?

“Get into the Word?” he asked questioningly, “How small would you have to be?!?” That is one of the many incredulous responses that I remember getting back from some seemingly harmless “Christianese”. When I say, “Let’s get into the Word,” you, dear reader, probably understand that I’m trying to say “Let us read and meditate […]


Last Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, which means that we’re in the beginning of the season of Lent. Lent is perhaps one of the oldest liturgical seasons that we have in the Church (with the exception of the celebrations of Epiphany). Lent began as a time of contemplation for a group called the “catechumenate”. These “catechumens” […]

GIFTED: Our God Comes

“Our purpose is to return to the Father.” This is the sentiment of one of my Mormon friends. To her, this is the ultimate prize that she is always striving towards. She desires nothing more than to return to the Father, and she puts forth every effort to achieve this. Is there anything wrong with […]