Celebrating Gifts Given: Identity Multiplied

In Psalm 147, God is doing many things. He builds cities, gathers outcasts, heals the brokenhearted, binds up wounds, and lifts up the humble, just to name a few (verses 2-3, 6). But when you think about it, there’s little mention of God physically doing things in the Bible. He doesn’t create Jerusalem out of nothing or personally bind up wounds.

So what does the Psalm mean, if God doesn’t actually do these things? He does do them – but he tends to do them through people. Architects and construction workers built Jerusalem. His judges and kings gathered the outcasts together. Counselors and healers were there for the brokenhearted and hurting. God lifted up the humble in order to make these things occur.

When God gives people his work to do, he gives them a new identity. And that identity is multiplied when they show and share it with others. No matter the task – whether it be construction worker or king – everything they do is for the glory of God.

Who have been these people in your lives? Who has built you up? Gathered you into the fold? Healed your broken heart? Bound up your wounds? Whoever it is, be it parent or relative or spouse or friend, celebrate the gifts they gave you by passing on the gifts to others. Be architect, construction worker, judge, king, counselor, healer, as they were to you. And all along, “Praise the Lord! For it is good to sing praises to our God” (verse 1).