GIFTED: Our God Comes

“Our purpose is to return to the Father.” This is the sentiment of one of my Mormon friends. To her, this is the ultimate prize that she is always striving towards. She desires nothing more than to return to the Father, and she puts forth every effort to achieve this.

Is there anything wrong with wanting to be with the Father? Of course not. But we have a different view of our purpose here. We are not meant to return to the Father. On the contrary, we don’t have to return to the Father, for “our God comes” (Psalm 50:3). Our God doesn’t passively wait for us to come to him. He takes action. He comes to us!

Psalm 50:3 continues, “he does not keep silence.” God also doesn’t passively wait for us to understand him. He takes action. He makes himself known to us through his Word, spoken through the Bible and through other people.

God doesn’t keep silence, and we ought not to, either. We have the attributes of God, and passivity is not one of them. We are to take action! We are to go to other people who need someone to make God known to them! That is our true purpose. That is what all of our efforts should strive to achieve. And we can know, as we share the Gospel, that our Father is with us always, and we will have the ultimate prize at the end of our days.