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You'll notice something different about this Newsletter. You'll notice that there is a little link 
below that says "Read More". If you click that link, you'll get the rest of
this newsletter article. If you're not interested in the newsletter
article, then you can just move on to the rest of the 
information in the newsletter. 

We're doing this because we're interested in want you want. 
We are interested in serving you. 
Which makes for an interesting . . . [read more] 

We are interested in serving you.   
Which makes for an interesting theological question. 
Who is University Lutheran here to serve? Who is the staff here to serve? 
Is there a difference between those two answers? 

On one hand, we're all called to serve in the same way. 
The macro view is this: "You shall love the LORD, 
your God, with all your heart and with all your soul and 
with all your mind . . . and the second is like it, 
you shall love your neighbor as yourself." On the 
other hand, we are called to live out those great 
commandments in ways that are bound by our space, time, and 
relationships. This is what we mean when we say "vocation". 
Our vocations are how God has placed us in space, time, 
and relationship to love Him and love our neighbors. 
It means that I cannot love Mark Twain as myself,
because I have not been set in the time frame in 
which I could 
love him like that. It means that I 
cannot love all people all over the earth, because I simply cannot spatially be 
everywhere in order to love everyone. And it frustratingly means that I cannot 
even love many people here in Tallahassee and FSU as myself because I simply
don't have a relationship with them (yet). 

Vocationally, I am called to love you if you're a
member of University Lutheran. Vocationally, 
I am called to love you if you are a part of my neighborhood. 
Vocationally, I am called to love you if you exist in the same 
frame of time that I am living in. And vocationally, 
I am called above all else, to love God with my heart, 
soul, and mind. 

We are trying to do that by providing you with the 
service of a newsletter that is appealing and informational. 
Maybe it works. We're not entirely sure. 
But we know that we're called to love you, and we want to do just that. 

in Christ, 


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