Posts from April 2015

GIFTED: Who Will Show Us?

I have some friends who refuse to watch the news. They say it’s because it’s too depressing and violent. They come away after watching the news with a sense that there is nothing good in the world, because the reporters only talk about the bad things while ignoring the good things. This reminds me of […]

What do we believe about sacraments?

Ask anyone who studies communication and they will tell you that “non-verbal communication” is important. One theorist (Albert Mehrabian) thinks that non verbals comprise up to 93% of the component parts of all personally communicated messages. Hand gestures and tone of voice are key, as well as facial expression and body posture. Similarly, in the […]

Giving Ourselves as Gifts: Be Bold

In normal conversation, there are some things that are easy to talk about. We can bring up school, or work, or family and friends, or any recreational activities we’re involved with. We might even mention what church we go to. However, there’s one thing we rarely talk about, and that’s our faith. We have this […]

GIFTED: The Light of Faith

Thomas gets a bad rap. Commonly referred to as “Doubting Thomas,” he claims that he needs to see and touch Jesus before he would be willing to believe that Jesus is alive. But how different are we from Thomas? After all, it’s pretty hard to believe that Jesus is alive sometimes. We haven’t seen him, […]