GIFTED: Who Will Show Us?

I have some friends who refuse to watch the news. They say it’s because it’s too depressing and violent. They come away after watching the news with a sense that there is nothing good in the world, because the reporters only talk about the bad things while ignoring the good things.

This reminds me of Psalm 4:6, which begins, “There are many who say, ‘Who will show us some good?’” People today are haunted by the news of the world. They want to hear about something good. They want to hear about something positive. There is negative everywhere, they say; who will show us some good?

Psalm 4:6 goes on to say, “Lift up the light of your face upon us, O Lord!” That was the plea of David in this Psalm, but many people today don’t even know where good would come from. They don’t know to seek God’s face, but we do. We are witnesses, and we have the power to be bold, because we know our God. So who will show them some good? We can! We know where it is! The question is, will we?