Living the Lectionary – Retake

Living the Lectionary is a weekly devotional tool intended to give you ideas for living out the Word of God that we encounter on Sundays in worship. 

About this Season and Series: About this coming Sunday:15th Sunday After Pentecost – Retake –  We begin a new series called #selfie in which we consider ourselves in the moment, how God sees all, and how we are given second chances every day. Law: God knows our hearts and secrets, there is nothing hid from him. Our sinful thoughts, words, and deeds are laid bare before Him. Gospel: Because God knows what we are like, He knows that we need His help and sent His Son to be our Savior.

Sundays After Pentecost/”#Selfie” – The long season of the Sundays after Pentecost are split up into series here at University Lutheran, this week we begin a series called “#Selfie” about who we are in the moment.

Reflecting on the Readings (readings are linked to text on

Isaiah 35:4-7– Hope for the Anxious – We know our weaknesses, and these weaknesses many times make us anxious because we are afraid of what might happen because of them. What of your weaknesses cause you anxiety, and how does God give you hope in the midst of your weakness?

Psalm 146– Princes or God – This psalm compares and contrasts having faith in human rulers, or YHWH, the divine ruler. As we take a serious look at ourselves, we may wonder whom we are putting our faith in – human beings (including ourselves) or in God. Who are the “princes” in whom we put our faith in?

James 2:1-18 – Positioning – We begin a semi-continuous reading from the book of James for the next three weeks. This section of James causes us to look at ourselves and the positioning that we do and how even this seeming small thing can cause us to be judged. Who do you judge either positively or negatively?

Mark 7:31-37– Re-creation  – Being a part of a sinful world means that we know some people who are handicapped in a variety of ways. Jesus promises restoration and re-creation to these people as He displays He has the power to do with this deaf and mute man. What restoration and re-creation are you looking forward to from Jesus?


Living the Lectionary Ideas

Learn: N.T. “Tom” Wright is a notable scholar of the Church of England who talks and writes at great lengths about the Resurrection and the remaking of creation. Watch this video about “the meaning of Easter”, and see what else you can find out about N.T. Wright’s thoughts on the Resurrection.

Do: Find something around your house or apartment that has been broken, and do your best to restore it to its former glory. What are the things that are a part of this process? How does this process compare with God’s restoration of your life?

Live: Have you failed at anything and refused to go back and try it again? Live this week with a commitment to restoration and reapplication, knowing that God does not fail us.