Living the Lectionary – Week of Baptism of Our Lord

Living the Lectionary is a weekly devotional tool intended to give you ideas for living out the Word of God that we encounter on Sundays in worship. 

About this Season and Series: Epiphany – “Christology”

The season of the Sundays after the Epiphany are sometimes called “Ordinary Time”. This is not because they are without special meaning, but rather, that they are numbered depending upon the date for Easter. It is in this season that we begin already to look forward to Easter by considering who Christ is and what He came to earth in order to accomplish. 

About the week starting January 10th: The Christ Feast of Baptism of our Lord – A New Humanity 

Jesus trades places with humanity, becoming God’s obedient human son when we failed to be this. Law: We have failed to live up to our identity and relationship with God. Gospel: God has replaced the demands of the Law, taking them from us and putting them on Jesus. Baptism of Our Lord

Reflecting on the Readings

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Isaiah 43:1-7– The Ransom – One of the striking verses from this passage appears in verse four, “I give men in return for you, peoples in exchange for your life.” In Christ, God gives us His own Son in return for us. When have you ransomed something or bought it back? Reflect on how this is a minor reflection of what God has done in giving His Son for you.

Psalm 29– A Song for a Thunderstorm – This Psalm is similar in structure to songs that were sung to appease the false gods of the Canaanite people. They would sing because they felt that the storm was punishment. The Hebrew writers, however, turn this song into a hymn of praise that shows that God is mighty. Just as God’s thunderous voice might have frightened the people at Jesus’ Baptism, it showed His might. How has God shown that He is mighty to you?

Romans 6:1-11 – Living in Jesus – The Christian concept of “Life in Christ” is a difficult thing for many believers to grasp, and it based upon the relationship between our Baptisms and Jesus’ Baptism. It is, in essence, living with the belief that you are the heir to Christ’s identity, that you are to live as if you were Him, and He were you. How might you take on this belief this week?

Luke 3:15-22– The Baptism of Our Lord – Jesus is Baptized, not because He requires it for Himself, but rather so that He can take our requirement upon Himself. Without requirements, we are given the ability to live with freedom. How will you use your freedom?

Living the Lectionary Ideas

Character: Freedom can be seen as a circumstance, but it is probably best seen as an element of character. Because of the sacrifice of Christ, we are free to live out our lives with the character of freedom instead of slavery. What are the aspects of a character of freedom and how might you embrace them this week as you remember Christ?

Discipline: “Remembering Your Baptism” is a particular religious phrase that we hear used from time to time. This might be better stated as, “remember you are Baptized”. It is not simply in remembering the events of our Baptism days that we find peace, but in remembering the effect of our Baptisms. What action or trigger might you use to remind yourself daily that you are Baptized?

Knowledge: Learn about the Season of Epiphany.