Posts from May 2016

Recognizing the Saint

At lunch last week, after last week’s newsletter, a good friend told me that I let myself dwell too much upon my sinful and broken nature. This good friend reminded me that what Jesus Christ has done for me has, indeed, made me a new creation. It was Gospel. It was Gospel that was tough […]

Access, Lutherans, Idolatry, Brokenness, and Hope

A little over a year ago, we started rebranding our Wednesday night gathering – starting to call it “ACCESS” instead of the old “+Vespers+” name that we had been using. This name change came out of some investigations over the past couple of years about our campus ministry. We started asking questions about the challenges […]

Grit and the Gospel

I was on the radio this morning talking to probably about 3 listeners who tuned into KFUO-AM out of St. Louis, MO. KFUO is the radio station that is owned and operated by our church body, and they do this show called “His Time” that looks at readings from the Daily Lectionary [pdf] of the LCMS. […]

How to forgive

I’m currently taking some training from the Ambassadors of Reconciliation, a Lutheran group that trains all different kinds of churches and organizations how to resolve conflict. One of the things that we have been talking about quite a bit is that the church has dropped the ball in one specific area – we haven’t taught […]