Posts from August 2016


Last week I heard Mario, one of the elder statesmen of campus ministry at FSU, tell a story about an interaction that he had with one of the former pastors of University Lutheran. Laughingly he tells of being a new campus minister at FSU and making the rounds from ministry to ministry, introducing himself. Apparently […]

Why campus ministry?

It’s the beginning of another school year. My dad recently posted a picture on Facebook of me in my freshman year of college, 1996, noting that it had been twenty years since they left me at college “with heavy hearts”. I’m smiling in the picture, but I wasn’t always smiling that year.  A lot of […]

BELLS, guilt, and lists

The Christian author Michael Frost has put together an acronymn for the spiritual disciplines at his church (which has a pretty cool name: “Small Boat, Big Sea”). The acronymn is “BELLS”. BELLS stands for:  BLESS – Do something good for three people every week. In Frost’s church, he specifically says do something good for one […]

Vacation and vOcation

I just got back from vacation. Here are the highlights: I got up in the morning with my daughter and we jumped in the swimming pool together. I took a nap alongside my wife in the afternoons. I got to sit on a breezy porch and read “Invisible Monsters” by Chuck Palahniuk while drinking a […]