Posts from September 2016

Excellent Physic in Mere Muck

Tonight I’m getting together with some people at the LeBars’ house to talk about some of what Martin Luther was overheard saying to his students during some of the communal dinners that they shared together. These notes that record what Luther said can be pretty interesting – and were eventually combined into a compendium called […]


Everyone gets writers block – and just like a good portion of the population of Florida State has Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease – I have writer’s block. So therefore, I present you with jokes.   “What’s wrong, Bubba?” asked the pastor. “I need you to pray for my hearing,” said Bubba. The pastor put […]

Travelers and Tourists

Travelers and tourists – these words are synonyms for the most of us, but etymologically, they mean different things. A tourist is someone who literally “circles” an area, while a traveler is someone who “travails” in an area. The electrical workers of Gulf Power helping get Tallahassee up and working again are travelers, they are […]