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Sound the Trumpet – Baptism, Part 4

I remember Emory Hingst (pastor at University Lutheran in the 60s) telling a story about an early University Lutheran Easter service that they held in one of the Tallahassee cemeteries. The experience was palpable with the sense of victory over the grave as the people gathered to worship the King of Life who rose from […]

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What might happen?

It is not often that I take issue with Luther’s Small Catechism, but if I may be so bold, I have a bone to pick with our illustrious founder. That particular bone of contention is where he stops the quote of Matthew 28 in what we confessed this past Sunday:  What is Baptism? Baptism is […]

Reflections on 10 Years

I celebrated 10 years of ordained ministry and concurrently 10 years of ministry at University Lutheran this summer (thank you to all of you who had a part in celebrating this with me). That meant that for my usual time of reflection, I took a look not only at the past year, but also at […]