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What is a vicar?

Last night at the Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) Call Day, Seminarian Kyle Will, one of our alumni, received his vicarage placement to the Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills in Alabama, just outside of Birmingham. Pastor Jay was a vicar in Gainesville FL, where he met Liz and first tried his hand at campus ministry work. […]

Seven Marks of the Church

This Sunday at University Lutheran we are starting a new series about the Seven Marks of the Church according to Martin Luther. These Seven Marks were a big deal for Luther and the first Lutheran performers. They had been kicked out of the Roman Catholic church, and now they had to answer a very important […]

December 12 – 2nd Article (Part 2)

While I was packing for a trip this past weekend, Liz noticed something interesting on the bag that I was packing my stuff into. The bag I was packing my stuff into was from “Be The Match”, the National Marrow Donor Program. Because I donated my stem cells through a process called apheresis, they gave […]

Made Men and Made Women – 1st Article

Scorsese’s 1990 mobster film, “Goodfellas” revolves around the story of Henry Hill and several other associates as they navigate the waters of mafia drug trafficking. In one of those scenes, Henry talks about what it means to be what they call a “made man”. A made man was someone who was officially brought into the […]

Above Your Raisin’ – the Tenth Commandment

We don’t own people, do we? That’s the awkward question that you have to address when you’re reading what we confessed this past week, the 10th commandment: “What is the 10th commandment? You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his maidservant or manservant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor. […]