Thank You Day

Thanksgiving! As the father of a three year old, yesterday I was watching the PBS show “Daniel Tiger”. Daniel Tiger is a spin off of the old Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, in which Daniel Tiger of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe has his own show. In this episode, Daniel Tiger and his family celebrated “Thank You Day” […]

Lutherans are Bad at Fasting

We’re having a potluck of sorts after worship this coming Sunday. We’re celebrating our newest members as well as having an early celebration of the Reformation, the 500th anniversary of it. We’re not fasting to commemorate these events, we’re feasting. This is just another evidence in something that I have known for a while, Lutherans […]

God Runs a Bar – Confession, pt 2

Just this past weekend I was reminded of an item called a “church key”, a term used for a certain type of bottle opener. According to at least one source, this name came about because the bottle opener’s rounded opener looked like the ring on one of the large skeleton keys used on church doors.  […]