Gift of the Lamb

Are you confident?

  About this Sunday: Our last Sunday in the series “Gift of the Lamb” and the second to last Sunday in the church year. During it, we begin to turn our “Advent eyes” to the dawning of the day of Jesus’ returning when we will see the Lamb upon the Throne and how we are […]

What do you (really) need?

About this Sunday: The readings for this Sunday lead us to consider what it is like to be prayed for and how intercession works. As we consider the intercession of the prophet, and even the intercession of the widow, our eyes are turned to our High Priest who makes intercession for us in both sacrifice […]

What happens when you die?

About this Sunday: Like our Reformation Sunday, this celebration of All Saints continues with the readings for the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost. Again, the readings fit the celebration of the specific day, even if they were not tailored to do so. In this Sunday we look at the covenants of God – the Old Covenant […]

Do you follow an outlaw?

About this Sunday: While this Sunday is Reformation Day, we are using the readings from the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost in order to keep with the theme of the Lamb. The readings, however, are very good readings for the celebration of the Reformation – especially since the Priesthood of Jesus figured heavily into the original […]

How hard are you resting?

About this Sunday: The Sabbath or “rest of God” is something that figures prominently into the theme of Hebrews. This Sunday is our opportunity to see this theme brought before our eyes. This rest is something that we are called to remember at the heart of our lives, rather than chasing after our vanities, we […]

Is it better by yourself?

About this Sunday: This week we see sharp contrast between the believer and the unbeliever. As we look at the Hebrews reading, we consider the stern warning to not associate ourselves with those who would rebel against God. In not associating with the rebels, those who have sold out their share with God for other […]

Is Jesus your brother?

About this Sunday – This opening Sunday of our series begins with our contemplation of who Jesus is for us – family. The writer of the book of Hebrews makes the case that we are something special because Jesus came to have our flesh and blood, something that the angels cannot claim. We are special […]