Love Psongs

Love Psongs is a sermon series which seeks to match up the emotions and ideas in the Psalms with our cultural songs that we sing or find on the radio. Throughout this series we find that while our words are never enough to explain the richness of the Psalms, that we can interact with them daily as we look to Jesus Christ.

Who Is Your Everything?

It’s hard to get around the familiarity we all have with Psalm 23 and view it in a new light, but that the first lines of the Psalm, “…I shall not want…” reveal a similarity to love songs that talk about how the sun and the moon rise and set and the lover may be […]

How Do You Love God?

Pslam 25 cries out to God with the tenor of a lover who fails to know how to show his/her love to the Beloved. David cries, “make me to know Your ways, O Lord” with the same feeling as someone who feels inadequate to their love. So often, when we don’t know how to show […]

Who is the one for you?

Psalm 27 is about declaring that God is “the one for me”, a theme found in many different love songs. In these love songs, often the author of the love song sings about how he or she looked to others, but in the end, it was about “the one for me”. Jesus is our “the […]