Prepare (for) the Gift

Are You Sure?

The last Sunday before Christmas is here, and now it is undeniable that it will come. As the reality of Christmas day comes nearer, our hope seems to become more “fact” as we see what God is doing in our lives. Faith, that trust that we have in Jesus, tells us that His coming and […]

Are you an Aficionado?

The third Sunday in Advent is traditionally a jubilant Sunday, noted by the presence of the color pink. This week is also close enough to Christmas day that it starts to “really feel like” Christmas. Christmas movies are starting to pop up on television and the messages of Christmas coming near seem more insistent. This […]

How often do you wash your hands?

The texts for this Sunday give us a sense of preparation by cleaning. John the Baptists plays a key role as being the “Voice who cries” – and when He is calling people to repent, He is calling them to clean-ness of life. Cleaning is a concept that seems to fit our sinful lives in […]

What are you making room for?

The first Sunday in Advent is a sort of “alarm clock” that rings the bells that it is time for us to prepare for the coming of gift – or if we are found ill prepared, the gift might pass us by. Thinking about this question vocationally, we are given new tasks within our vocations […]