The Bird

What do you go back to?

About Third Sunday after Pentecost – There is no escaping the theme of death vs life when reading these readings this week. We are called to look at the death that our sin deserves, but also to the life which Christ offers us through the justification of our souls by His suffering and death. We […]

What’s Inside?

As we enter into the Sundays after Pentecost, our attention within the series shifts to the Epistle lesson, specifically when St. Paul talks about the “Spirit of Faith” who gives us faith. This is especially contrasted with the Gospel reading and its threats against the “blasphemy of the Holy Spirit”. Since we have the same […]

Is the Holy Spirit real?

Pentecost Sunday is the primary feast day of the Holy Spirit. On this Sunday we see the guidance that the Holy Spirit provides, orchestrating and helping sinful human beings in their actions and decisions. Primarily, we focus on how Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will “Guide you into all truth” (John 16). As we […]