What can you imagine?

About the Sixth Sunday of Easter: The readings this week look toward the inclusion of all peoples in God’s Kingdom. The inclusion of Macedonia through Lydia’s faithful response to God’s work in her heart, the organization of heaven that includes not only Jewish believers, but Gentiles as well, to the Psalm that looks forward to […]

Will you pass?

About the Fifth Sunday of Easter: God’s Kingdom is revealed in a New Heaven and a New Earth in the book of Revelation. It is described as a New Jerusalem coming down out of the heavens, where God’s dwelling place is with man. This New Jerusalem is a place where there is no separation along […]

Who Are These?

About the Fourth Sunday of Easter: The fourth Sunday of Easter is often called “Good Shepherd Sunday” because the readings traditionally center around the image of Jesus as a shepherd. Even in the book of Revelation, Jesus is pictured as a shepherd – here a sort of ironic shepherd, a Lamb who is a shepherd. […]

Who is the right choice?

About the Third Sunday of Easter: The readings this week revolve around the idea of worthiness. In the reading from the book of Revelation, we see that it is only the Lamb, who is Jesus, that is found worthy. No others are worthy of the responsibility and action of heaven. Because we learn that it […]