What if you fail?

It can be disconcerting to feel as if we are unheard, but even more disconcerting is the idea that someone would not hear the Gospel. This Sunday we focus on the beauty of the fact that God has made it His mission and our mission as His Body, to proclaim the Gospel to the world […]

Where is your happy place?

God’s love for us never ceases, but there are times at which we might question the compassion of God when we see the suffering of people around us. Jeremiah wrote the book of Lamentation as he was watching his people being carried off into exile, but he was still able to have hope in God’s […]


Job asks God for an answer, and when God gives Job the answer, we may wonder if Job regretted ever asking the question. At times it may feel to us that God has not really answered our questions in the way which we would like them to be answered. We want small answers, but God […]