Sermons from March 2015

What is beneath the surface?

About Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday is now concurrent with the celebration of the Sunday of the Passion (these used to be two separate liturgical celebrations). As such, the story is not only of Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, but is also concerned with the entire Passion (Suffering) of Jesus. We open the series in the […]

Do you have a Kanye spirituality?

About the Fifth Sunday in Lent: We approach the end of our fast with humility, and considering the humility of Jesus, who connected the status of the least with the status of the greatest in His suffering the death of a thief and traitor upon the cross. We are given the gift of seeking to […]

What kind of monster are you?

About the Fourth Sunday in Lent: This Sunday is a rare time when the theme verse for the annual focus (Ephesians 2:8-10) coincides with the Epistle reading. As we look at the context of the theme verse of our annual focus, we see that Paul is encouraging us to look at our new lives in […]