Sermons from May 2015

Is the Holy Spirit real?

Pentecost Sunday is the primary feast day of the Holy Spirit. On this Sunday we see the guidance that the Holy Spirit provides, orchestrating and helping sinful human beings in their actions and decisions. Primarily, we focus on how Jesus promises that the Holy Spirit will “Guide you into all truth” (John 16). As we […]

Who you gonna call?

About Easter 7/Matthias – Matthias is our last disciple in “Cameo”, and we know the least about him. Nevertheless, his story is not without meaning for us. Matthias is the ultimate cameo as his story gives the ultimate in witness of Jesus Christ, that the Church is not built upon the foundation of the disciples […]

Would you share your mother?

About Easter 6/John – John is the disciple who is known as “the beloved” and possibly the last living disciple out of the Twelve. As we consider John from his first letter, we consider what it is to “overcome the world” as one of Jesus’ disciples. Overcoming the World Everyone who believes that Jesus is […]