Sermons from September 2015

How do you look naked?

About this Sunday: Our “Selfie” series comes to a close with an affirmation of who we are as God’s people. When we take the picture of ourselves, we see God in the midst of that picture, working on us and making us who we are becoming. Patience in Suffering Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the […]

Where are you in the picture?

About this Sunday: Our third Sunday of the “Selfie” is one that encourages us to look around at the way that the world operates, and separate ourselves from that picture. We are encouraged to be different and to live in a way that separates who we are from the background of the pictures that we […]

What did your last text say?

About this Sunday: Our second Sunday of the “Selfie” sermon series is about seeing ourselves in the lens of possibility. All of the readings point to the realm of possibility, even including the father of the mute boy who says “I believe, help my unbelief”. During this Sunday we will be talking about the gift […]

Who are you wearing?

There is something emboldening and celebratory about the gathering of a sports team or even a military unit that knows that it is going to win a contest. It is this sense of celebration that we are invited to take into “the lockerroom” of our faith as we don the armor of God to fight […]