How Long, O Lord?

“How long, O Lord?” is a pretty common refrain of God’s people throughout Scripture. We hear it echoed from the Psalms to Revelation. And we hear itechoed in the halls of University Lutheran as we wait for Baby Winters to make her appearance. Today is her due date, and we’re still waiting (at least we are on Wednesday afternoon when I’m writing this).

Waiting is a part of the human experience, and it can be a difficult part. I personally despise waiting in lines. There’s a recent (and excellent) book called “Leaders Eat Last”, that uses the cultural behavior of the United States Marine Corps officers eating last in the chow line to describe what leadership is all about. I wish I could say I have that sanctified of a reason for eating last, most of the time it’s just because I know if I put off eating until the end, I don’t have to wait in line. 

I also enjoy what Jim Rohn has to say about patience. He says that “patience comes from knowing what to do while you wait.” What are you waiting for? And what are you doing while you’re waiting? Liz and I are prepping the nursery and reading books about parenting. 

Together with the rest of the Christian Church, we’re all waiting for Jesus Christ to return in glory and usher in the Resurrection. What are you doing while you’re waiting for that? Does it make sense to be doing that, or should you be doing something else while you’re waiting? 

Jesus will come when the Father is ready, not when you are – and that is ok because your sins have been forgiven and His righteousness has been given to you – but how are you waiting in the meantime? 

in Christ,