Living the Lectionary – Reminded

Living the Lectionary is a weekly devotional tool intended to give you ideas for living out the Word of God that we encounter on Sundays in worship. 

Reminded – How God reminds us of His Law and His Gospel

About this coming Sunday: 7th Sunday After Pentecost – Reminded – It has been over 6 months since we celebrated Christmas, and we are reminded of God’s great Gift of His Son given to us then and now.  Law: We forget about the gift of God given to us in our salvation, and need to be reminded in our forgetfulness. Gospel: God does remind us of the value of His Gift  given to us in Jesus Christ.

About this Season and Series: 

Sundays After Pentecost/”ReGIFTED” – The long season of Pentecost affords us an opportunity to look into continuous readings from certain books – this year, we have a semi-continuous reading of Ephesians that serves as the basis of the ReGIFTED series.

Reflecting on the Readings (readings are linked to text on

Amos 7:7-15 – Reminded – God uses the prophet Amos to remind the House of Israel of their relation to each other, and how God’s gift of His grace has been forgotten. What are the things in your life which remind you of God’s presence in your life? What reminds you of His Law? What reminds you of His Gospel?

Psalm 85 – Reminding God – While it seems bothersome to us to remind someone of their character, this is a frequent prayer in the Old Testament: God’s people reminding Him of His character. What aspects of God’s character would you “remind Him of”, and by doing so, remind yourself of?

Ephesians 1:3-14 – Christmas in July – This reading also shows up on the Second Sunday of Easter. How does it remind you of the message of Christmas? How does that message apply to you today in July?

Mark 6:14-29 – Reminded of Sin – The telling of this story reminds us of the ways in which we might be tricked into evil deeds. As you consider the story, think of how you have been seemingly trapped into doing some sin. How might you avoid this trap today?

GIFTED Considerations

Gift of God: God’s gift is as simple as a reminder note that says “I Love You”. How might you remind yourself of this fact this week?

Giving Ourselves As Gifts: We often forget to reconnect with those whom we love and pray for. How might you reconnect yourself with someone else as a reminder to them of your love for them in Christ?

Celebrating Gifts Given: Who is someone who reminds you of who you honestly are? Someone who calls you out but also compliments you when it is called for? Be sure to celebrate this person as God’s gift to you this week.

Living the Lectionary Ideas

Learn: A good part of learning in the process of relearning and reexamining things that you have already learned. Take some time this week to reconsider something like Martin Luther’s Small Catechism or a favorite verse.

Do: Set a reminder for yourself on your phone or your device that will remind you to pray or simply consider the presence of God in Christ every day this week.

Live: Take an attitude of mindfulness/remembrance this week by setting aside 5 minutes at the end of your day to simply remember the day. Bring this remembrance to God in confession for wrongs committed and in thanksgiving for positive experiences.