Living the Lectionary – Pentecost Week

Living the Lectionary is a weekly devotional tool intended to give you ideas for living out the Word of God that we encounter on Sundays in worship. 

ABOUT THE WEEK STARTING MAY 15th: The Week of Pentecost

The Spirit brings good together. Law: Our disunity leads to a fracturing of what we are able to accomplish.  Gospel: God sends His Spirit to draw us together in community so that we might accomplish more in His Name.Pentecost Week


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Genesis 11:1-9– Unfinished Business – The Tower of Babel is left unfinished because there is a lack of unity. Of course, this unity is not God pleasing, but it does show the power that humans working together might have. Where has lack of unity caused unfinished business in your life? || Where has God separated you from others so that your unity might not result in a disastrous project like the Tower of Babel?

Psalm 143– Reliance on God – The Day of Pentecost was normally a day of celebration as it was the first harvest, and the first fruits were brought to God in His temple. In this offering, the celebrant considers their own reliance upon God for a good harvest. We tend to rely on ourselves. How might you shift your reliance to God? In what areas are you perhaps too self-reliant? || What good might a new reliance on Him that bring you?

Acts 2:1-21 – From All Over – In a sort of reversal from the Old Testament reading about the Tower of Babel, God is bringing people together from many different languages to hear His Word prophesied. If God’s purpose in the Tower was to keep people from doing something, what is He doing here? || How does God’s Word continue to unite Christians in purpose?

John 14:23-31– He will teach you all things – Jesus promises the gift of the Holy Spirit, whom Jesus says  will “teach you all things” and remind the disciples of all that He taught them. The Holy Spirit is a teacher who reminds us of Jesus’ Words. Pray to the Spirit and ask Him to remind you of some word of Scripture now, especially perhaps one from Jesus’ mouth in the Gospels. How does this Word fit into your life today?