Travelers and Tourists

Travelers and tourists – these words are synonyms for the most of us, but etymologically, they mean different things. A tourist is someone who literally “circles” an area, while a traveler is someone who “travails” in an area. The electrical workers of Gulf Power helping get Tallahassee up and working again are travelers, they are here and are travailing to get us power back again. travelers and tourists

I’m more of a tourist here. I walk in a lot of circles. I walk the circle of my family’s usual neighborhood walk. I walk the circle of the areas of campus that I pray for on a regular basis. I go in the circle between my house and work, the round trip that I know so well.

God calls us to be travelers and tourists as well. He puts us on mission and tells us to travail into new places, but He also tells us to tour, to circle, our neighborhoods in order to seek the good of the places that we’re in.

Where are you travailing? What are your circles?