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Lutherans are Bad at Fasting

We’re having a potluck of sorts after worship this coming Sunday. We’re celebrating our newest members as well as having an early celebration of the Reformation, the 500th anniversary of it. We’re not fasting to commemorate these events, we’re feasting. This is just another evidence in something that I have known for a while, Lutherans […]

God Runs a Bar – Confession, pt 2

Just this past weekend I was reminded of an item called a “church key”, a term used for a certain type of bottle opener. According to at least one source, this name came about because the bottle opener’s rounded opener looked like the ring on one of the large skeleton keys used on church doors.  […]

Hollywood Confessions – Confession, pt 1

The first time I confessed my sins to a pastor, it wasn’t what I had imagined. We all have that Hollywood image of what it means to go to confession: the little closet room with the sliding window, the priest saying “how long has it been since your last confession?”, etc. Mine was at seminary. […]

Sound the Trumpet – Baptism, Part 4

I remember Emory Hingst (pastor at University Lutheran in the 60s) telling a story about an early University Lutheran Easter service that they held in one of the Tallahassee cemeteries. The experience was palpable with the sense of victory over the grave as the people gathered to worship the King of Life who rose from […]

The Power of Water, Baptism part 3

This morning I was having a conversation with the foreman of the Black Student Union that is being built next to University Lutheran. We talked about a lot of stuff, but eventually the conversation came to what was happening in Texas. We talked about the flooding damage that we had seen – him from living […]